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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Art Teacherin' 101, Episode 42:Grab and Go, Sketchin' Sticks!

 Hey, y'all! As apart of my mission to get my art teacherin' life together (the never-ending quest, I swear!), I'm trying to manage my Early Finishers. I've chatted many-a-time about my fast friends here and here. However, sometimes, sending my EFers off on a fun and far-away adventure can serve as a distraction to my Pokey Lil Puppies (aka HOW ARE YOU STILL WORKING ON THIS PROJECT WE STARTED IN SEPTEMBER?!). For that reason, I've decided that SOMETIMES, my EFers will work in their sketchbooks. And, instead of just assigning the usual "free draw", I decided to take a page from my friend Kaitlyn's book and create Grab -n- Go Sketchin' Sticks! Here's more:
I mean, after all, what do our kids need to do more? DRAW! What are they usually doing? PLAYIN' ON THEIR MAMA'S PHONE! My kids were thrilled to draw with was like a novelty. I was like, y'all know you can draw anytime, right?!
 I just so happen to keep my Grab -n- Go's in a cute container but it's totes not necessary. This ole flower frog finally came in handy! It's from TAG but several years if you really want one, check ebay.
Here are just a few of my drawing prompts. I made them double sided so the artists can pick their favorite idea. If you need more prompts, just google "drawing prompts" and you'll find a never-ending list of fun.
 With these sticks, my students have options. They can use my drawing books. I keep them as organized as I can in these color-coded bins. I spray painted the binding to further color code them. 
They can also use my still-life drawing objects like my wooden mannequins, plastic dinosaurs, 3-D forms and flower pots. I love the incorporation of the mannequin in this prompt!
Kids also know that they can add color with color pencils, markers, oil pastels and more. Whatever is available on the shelf is fair game. Thanks for letting me share, y'all!
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

In the Art Room: Sketchbooks for Kids!

Hey, y'all! I'm so excited to share something that I'm sure many of you already do but I feel like I just discovered: sketchbooks! In the elementary art room! I've never successfully attempted sketchbooks with my students before as I just couldn't figure out how to afford 'em if we bought them and how to make 'em if we didn't buy them. Recently, however, art teacherin' buddy Jane Shores recommended using old manilla folders with paper stapled inside and I was like, ahhhhh, I think we can do that! I'm thrilled to say that my students love the result and have enjoyed working in them. I made a wee video to walk you through the sketchbook-making/how we're gonna use 'em steps. 
I hope you can focus on my video and not so much on the fact that I missed a button on my sweater! Geesh. 
 To make our sketchbooks, we used the following:
* Recycled manilla folders. The central office in my district was kind enough to send me a mountain of the ones they were going to otherwise recycle!
* 20 sheets of copy paper per folder. 
* Dollar Store faux-duct tape. Works just as great for half the cost.
* Baseball card sleeves. For holding our Artist Trading Cards, thank you SO MUCH for the idea, Nic Hahn
* Electric stapler. I picked one up off Amazon. Works like a dream going through the folder, papers and sleeve. 
 On the first day of sketchbook making, I gave the kids the folders and told them they could paint their folder either all warm or all cool colors. They could paint fast and furious or delicate and detailed but they had to have it done in 30 minutes. The following art class, when they came to art, I had already stapled the 20 sheets of paper and the baseball card sleeve into the folders. We were ready to start sketching! 
 For that we met in the "Jungle Lounge" in the art room (more details on this and my painted window to come). Once the sketchbooks and pencils were passed out, I did a palming activity with the children (video clip below). While their eyes were closed I played my rainstick and told them to imagine a rainstorm in a jungle. What are the animals doing? Is the wind blowing? Is the weather getting worse? When they opened their eyes, they were allowed to sketch at their seats or on the floor but they were not allowed to talk. 
Palming is a great way to chill those kiddos out and help them refocus! Worked like a dream for this sketching activity! 
While they sketched, I called them up to add the duct tape of their choosing to the spine of the book and to create a label. This really was a special moment for them as it really made their sketchbook their own. I was able to catch a glimpse of their sketches as they came to see me. I was floored by their great drawings.
Most of these third grade students sketched without stopping for a good 45 minutes. I did ask them to take a break with me on the floor when I was finished with the taping. We chatted about our experience sketching so far (consensus: they LOVED it!) and how it would look during a normal art class. I plan to use this as an art class starter for the first 5-10 minutes of most art classes...I'll keep you posted. 
At this point, I told the kids about Artist Trading Cards. These are baseball-sized works of art created by artists of all ages. I told the kids that their ATC cards were going to be kept in those baseball sleeves. I have a sign in my room that lists the Topic and the Media for the ATC cards. This week, it was "Tigers" and "Colored Pencils and Sharpies" (yes, we're on a tiger-kick. Lesson details to come!) 
So, those finished with their sketches, were allowed to start their ATC's. 
The great thing about those sleeves is it's the perfect spot to keep unfinished ATC's! 
"In my jungle, a mysterious animals is afraid of the rain and is hiding". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Love! 
The kids absolutely loved their sketchbooks and I'm thrilled! I'll definitely keep y'all updated on their progress...but I gotta know:

Do you use sketchbooks in your art room? How? Any tips or tricks? Please share in the comments, friends!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Artsy Book Club and ... an Announcement!

Okay, before you get all confused into thinking that this here crazy blog got voted for Art Ed Blog of the Year in 2013, relax, it didn't. However, it did get NOMINATED for Art Ed Blog of the Year for 2014! I'm thrilled and honored to be among some of my favorite art ed bloggers. Click here to check out the other nominees and cast your vote for Art Ed Blog of the Year...which, if it happens to be mine, I thank you!

I'm also excited by the number of you who have not only have joined the Artsy Book Club but already begun drawing and posting your work! To inspire the rest of you, I thought I'd give you a peak at the work that was posted today. Remember, anyone can join this book club (even if you are One Drawing a Day book-less, I'll update the page with the daily drawing tasks) and anyone can share their work there. To view drawings posted, simply click on "Recent Posts by Others" on the right hand side of the page.

So, without further ado, check out these wonderful drawings of Day #1's assignment: A Still Life with a Fine Tipped Pen...
Jill created her still life on brown craft paper with a white pen. As soon as I saw it, I was like, WHAT?! Isn't it stunning? I love the contrast of the two mediums not to mention her lovely line. It looks like a reverse etch-a-sketch to me.

Alright, ya'll know Phyl over at There's a Dragon in my Art Room, right? If you do, then you know this still life is, like, SO Phyl. She's fun, funny and quirky, just like this drawing. If you are not familiar with her blog and you are an art teacher, do yourself a favor and check it out. She's Art Ed Blog of the Year material any day in my book.

I love this drawing by Abby. She's a fellow art teacher who proves, with this drawing, that you don't need a glorious still life or a huge block of time to just draw something. ANYTHING. Even if it's your keys. I love what she wrote about her drawing:
This is my first assignment. It is a symbol of how busy my life is these days. Sometimes I feel like I live in my car. Ok not literally but I am in my car more that I would like to be, especially sitting in traffic.

These lovely drawings were created by Marcia who is ALSO nominated for Art Ed Blog of the Year! Congrats, Marcia! Her blog is Art is Basic and, well, it's basically amazing. You've gotta check it out and add her to your voting ballot (just read you can vote for more than one of your favorite blogs, how fun!).

Art teacher Rina created this sweet drawing. I love this still life of that delicate tea pot, box of teas and cup. I want to see this painted and framed in my kitchen, I love it so!

Kerry shared this drawing and I love it for it's snapshot-of-my-life-ish-ness. It looks like a healthy snack break with mystery miniature pigs. Kerry, I think I need details!
So I may or may not have lurked Roo's FB page to find out what an incredible artist she is! I love this sketchy style of hers. This is her nightstand which she says she needs to clean...I say, LOOK AT THAT AMAZING STILL LIFE! Cleaning is always at the bottom of my list.
Okay, can you guess what this is? I thought oranges in an egg carton but Janet, the artist, wrote: Here's my drawing for day 1. The author suggested drawing something that had meaning to you, so I drew the eggs that are down on my worktable. I have started doing my yearly pysanky egg work, and these are empty eggs waiting to have something done to them.
Ya'll, Maria is my art teacher buddy whom I've become fast friends with even though we've never met. She's from Ecuador and she's so fun! I mean, just look at her still life set up! She also created the awesomely surreal drawing below.

I was so inspired by these...and so unmotivated to tackle my latest sewing project, that I drew this view of my sewing machine and spools of thread.
Always one step ahead, Phyl has already begun Day #2's drawing assignment: using a calligraphy pen (don't have one? just use whatever, ya'll!) and draw some organic still life. Think flowers, plants, you name it. And don't forget to have fun!

I don't know that I'll always be able to share these drawings...but I was too thrilled not to do so today. Hope you'll join us on our drawing journey!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

In the Art Room // What the Art Teacher Wore #83

Dress Like a Tacky Christmas Tree Monday: When I was a kid, my parents allowed me to have a mini-Christmas tree in my room to decorate as I saw fit and it was just about the tackiest thing ever. When I ran outta real ornaments, I crafted some with construction paper and copious amounts of glitter. When I tired of that, I took to filling in the gaps with stuffed animals (who never looked to thrilled to have fake pine needles stickin' 'em in the back, go figure). It was bright, shiny and totes tacky. Kinda like Monday's outfit. sweater: ebay; top, tights: Target; necklace, belt, skirt: thrifted; shoes: Anthro
Hey, guys. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words this past week. My sweet and caring father-in-law will be greatly missed by each and every person that had the pleasure to meet him. I have so many happy memories of him. I am keeping those at the forefront of my mind.

This post was actually written the week before last. After some time away from school, I'm excited to go back (even if it is for only 4.25 days), see the kids and attempt to pick up where we left off. I've got a couple of new routines I've been test-running in the art room that I hope to share with you later this week. Oh! And a couple DIY's up my wannabe-Anthropologie sleeve.

Until next time, squeeze your loved ones. I'll chat with you soon.
All my students, pre-K on up to 4th grade-land spent one 1/2 hour art class creating clay star ornaments. Our mission: to gift them to our parents in exchange for the gift of one dollar. The children are bringing that dollar back to the art room. Our service project this year is to help our friends in Asia (as that's the continent we are traveling this year), particularly those in the Philippines who were so badly effected by Typhoon Haiyan. What warms my heart the most about this project so far are the dollars coming in from the children themselves.
This is our third year to do a service oriented project. Our first year, we did a project very similar to Empty Bowls and donated the proceedings to a local homeless shelter. Last year, we created ceramic animals and "sold" them back to our parents with the proceeds going to a local no-kill animal shelter. This year, I wanted something quick and easy we could bust out in one class. So now my room is currently filled with these stars. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
Christmas Tree Skirt Tuesday: 'kay, I might have a slight addiction to making these skirts. I finished my second this weekend and now I find myself hunting them down at the thrift stores. Somebody stop me. It's not like I don't have an Everst-sized mountain of unfinished projects to tackle. blouse: Old Navy; tree skirt to lady skirt: DIY post here; tights: Target?; shoes: thrifted, Crocs
Our awesome PE teachers have the kids skating this week. After a super brief chat about gesture drawing, I took my third and fourth grade students down to the gym armed with clipboards, newsprint, charcoal sticks (which they thought was just about the coolest thing ever after I told them that I didn't use such an art supply until college) and chamois clothes. They were to fill three pages with as many sketches as they could in the 15 minutes that they had.
My Favorite Christmas Colors Wednesday: These colors remind of me of 1950's kind of Christmas decor which would be my fave on the planet. In fact, I'm so excited that this year I have out the aluminum tree (with a rotating color wheel light!) my mom bought for me last Christmas. Which is kinda funny cuz she just called me yesterday to tell me she bought me another of those trees with another rotating light. Looks like my mom is a hoarder enabler. Which is why I love her so. cuckoo clock dress: DIY dress here; sweater and tights: Target
Most of the kids really took to the gesture drawing. However, some of my more detail-oriented drawers (which is me) were stumped. They simply stared at the skaters zipping by in complete confusion as to how they were to make a "good" drawing. I reminded them that we were simply to show movement in our drawings and that was all. And to stop thinking so hard and just draw. Draw, draw and draw. Some had the bright idea to sketch the legs of one skater and after they zipped by, add the torso of another and the arms of yet another. This gave them a little of a montage sketch but at least is solved the problem of just having floating body parts.

Candy Stripes Thursday: Now I admit I have entirely too much clothing (seriously, I get asked a lot about my's time for a post!). But one way I've found to make my dresses work summer and winter duty is to simply place a sweater over 'em. This is a sleeveless summer dress that I topped with a thrifted sweater. sweater and shoe clips: vintage, thrifted; dress: European vacation score; tights: Target?; boots: Lucky Brand, found at Marshall's; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Once the got the hang of it, they were on a roll...pun intended. And I could tell they enjoyed it. In fact, one of the fourth graders said, "Mrs. Stephens, we never leave the art room!" I could tell just doing something a little different felt like an adventure...which is what art is always supposed to feel like, right?
Feelin' Mad Men-esque Friday: The weather here has been completely bonkers. One day, I swear it was 75 degrees and the next 30! I basically lived in this poncho on Friday which isn't an easy thing to do as I felt like I had bat wings all day. Which I kinda do and totally need to bust out my Jane Fonda tapes. Cuz, yes, I have them and yes, I still have a VCR. I'm retro, ya'll. poncho and dress: vintage, thrifted; tights: Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina

Stay tuned to what becomes of our sketches. I'm pretty excited to share the progress with you!
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