Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DIY: Pencil Inspired Dress

Well, would you lookie here, I finished my Halloween costume! I know, I know, I'm a lil late to the party (wait, there was a party?And I wasn't invited?! Story of my life, y'all). But I actually like to think that Halloween and the wearing-of-costumes is something that should be celebrated all year long. Kinda like my birthday. Or that part in Christmas where people give me stuff. A daily birthday/present-opening/costume-wearing celebration would be fine by me. We'll call it "Everyday Give Cassie Stuff And Wear a Costume". Or something. It's a working title so I'm totes open to ideas.  
While you're shopping on Amazon for my prezzies (I created a wish list to make your life easier because I'm a considerate soul), lemme chat for a minute about this here dress. I got the idea into my head about a year ago to create this pencil-tasticness. I don't know if you are like this but when I get an idea, one of two things usually happens: I act on it right away, despite having a messy house, a missing cell phone, a mountain of other projects and probably a misplaced sandwich or three. OR, as in this case, I sit on the idea for a while, let it germinate (read: I procrastinate because figuring out making something is sometimes hard when you are thick between the ears) and then, one morning having woken up with a wild hair or three, decide to act on it with rick-rack-less abandon. 
Now for me, the best part of coming up with a new idea is shopping for the supplies. Which proved to be a pinch difficult in the case of this dress. My first order of business was finding big a## rickrack which, by the way, I DON'T recommend you do a google image search for. Ahem. I still wish I could have found an even bigger rack (double ahem) but this one did just fine. I also struggled finding a woodgrain fabric as I believe Kelly from the Deli was using it all for her runway collection (that joke was strictly for the PR fans out there. Holla!). Seriously tho, I ended up having to sacrifice a perfectly decentish wood grain skirt that I purchased from Target years ago. You can see it in it's former life in this post

Part of the inspo for this dress came from the pattern seen above. When I first used this pattern I thought the sleeves were just so crazy big like some sort of bat wings. I mean, I liked the dress and all but the sleeves were so stinkin' big that I kept seeing them out of the corner of my eye and smacking myself imagining there was something on me. Which FUR REALZ makes you look like a crazy person, slapping your own self silly. You can see that dress here.
(P.S. I'm totes awares that this here paragraph is centered while the others are not. Blogger has decided that despite my numerous edits and grumblings that this here para shall be centra-fied. So just deal, y'all.)
The hem of the skirt had to come up a lot to account for the fabric needed for the sleeves. I picked up a pink crinoline from Amazon to hide the fact that my skirt isn't art teacherin' length appropriate. As if ANY of my wardrobe is art teacherin' appropriate. 
And, like, I have no idea how it happened but this dress is one tight mother-lover. Well, I DO know what happened, I'm not detail oriented, totes screwed up my measurements and ended up with a dress so form fitting that I can only manage to squeak into a sports bra when wearing it. Not to mention that the only zipper I had on hand was one that is 18" which means I get to do my most embarrassing contortionist performance whilst getting dressed. There's a lotta of naughty words dropped putting this thing on as you can imagine.
While sewing away, I started toying around with one of the sleeves before sewing it in and thought, "this might be the wine talking but wouldn't this make a super awesome pencil-tastic hat?!" (note to self: the reason my measurements were prolly off...wine talking.)
Sewing that up wasn't too bad as I actually just used the sleeve pattern with some of the "lead" stitched to the top. The lead of the pencil is ACTUALLY yellow...til the hubs walked in and said, "shouldn't that pencil led be black?" and I was all, "UGH. WHERE WERE YOU 15 MINUTES AGO, BRUH?!" So for a quick fix I just wrapped this gray linen around the top. 
And there you have it! One ever-so slightly belated Halloween pencil-inspired costume complete! 

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #150

 Monday Selfies: So several of my classes are still deep in self-portrait land. To celebrate the occasion of drawing the best looking kids we know (ahem, ourselves), I wore this lovely sweater that a sweet friend gifted to me several years ago. As crazy as it sounds I'd only mustered up the courage to wear this bad boy THIS WEEK.  After removing the shoulder pads, that is. And I have no idea why! The kids loved it and it was a great topic of discussion. Silly me. sweater: Michael Simon, thanks, Ann!; dress: vintage, Buffalo Exchange; blue tights and hot pink fishnets: Target; shoes: Clarks

Well, here 'tis. The 150th What the Art Teacher Wore post. I really thought y'all were gonna throw me a surprise party with cuppie-cakes and those cans of "beans" where snakes pop out. Because those get me every.time. Actually I contemplated for a hot minute about doing something extra special here on el bloggo but then I started thinking about cuppie-cakes and snake-bean-can-thingies and got all sorts of distracted. Big surprise, amirite?

In other news, don't hate, but I have exactly 4.5 days until Thanksgiving Break! Which, for me, means a whole freakin' week off! Thankful? You betcha! Like, when I was a kid, we got Thursday and Friday off and it usually entailed makin' the rounds to the grandparentals house for weird a## food like congealed salad and mystery stuffing covered in even more mysterious gravy. {Shivers}. I don't miss the culinary disasters of those days. I do miss my grandparentals thou, hold the gravy. Really, grandma, I'm full. I honestly don't think I can spit anymore into my napkin. 

On that delightful note, I hope y'all have a fab-o week! Be sure to pop back by on Tuesday as I FINALLY finished my Halloween costume (shuddup). If you follow me here, you've seen glimpses of the pencil-tasticness that I managed to wrap up this weekend. Also I'll be back with a quick video tutorial on how to teach 3-D lettering to your under-10 kiddos. Until then, stay away from that mystery gravy, y'all! NO ONE HAS SEEN GRANDPA FOR DAYS. Just.Sayin.
 In case you need a closer look at the awesomeness. The kids loved the different images and, of course, it was a great segue into Pop Art. My third graders are currently creating superhero selfies and learning all about Lichtenstein, Warhol and Pop Art. 
 Of course, there's always that one rando class that's a millennia behind. Case in point: this fourth grade class wrapping up their It's Okay to be Different selfies (so I can finally work on that mural, y'all!). This artist told me, "I wanted my self portrait to have those eye-thingies like you have!" Eye-thingies, cat-eyes, you say tomato, I say shuddup. 
 Mad Mod Tuesday: This dress was a super big hit, y'all! I'm so glad I procrastinated cleaning the house for yet another day (er, week) to bust out this number. I do have to say that the kids were even more curious about the boots (we learned the monkey and the mashed potato to celebrate the awesomeness that is The Boots) and my tights. Most asked question of the day: Where did you find two-toned tights? Answer: I didn't. I'm actually wearing two pairs of tights and awkwardly tucking one leg. You see? It's really best you don't ask. dress: made by me, more here; boots: thrifted vintage
 Most of my younger artists wrapped up these selfies this week and we started hanging them in the halls. Don't tell but this one is secretly my fave. Lesson details here
 Onomatopeia Wednesday: The first phase of my third graders super hero selfies is that they have to come up with an onomatopoeia, draw it in block letters, 3-D-ize it and add it to an action-packed background. Teaching the under-10 set how to draw in 3-D is a challenge but I think I figured it out. Stay tuned for a video clip all about the process later next week. sweater: Target, last year; dress: Buffalo Exchange; tights and fishnets: Target; Frye boots: Journeys
 Sew Happy Thursday: My Thursdays are my busiest days class-wise. But, no bother, I had a sewing class at Craft South with Miss Make that I was super stoked about! We're working on a circle skirt with a lapped zip and I'm thrilled with how easy it is. Which is only the case because Devon is an excellent teacher. I'll be sure to share my circle skirt with you once it's complete. sweater: felted by me! More here; dress: anthro; necklace: The Paper Source
 Happy Mixed Pattern Friday!: Okay, don't judge but this week, I totally busted out my Christmas decor. I'm just so excited! I'm slowly weeding out my non-vintage dec for vintage and I'm so happy with how everything is looking. I'll be sure to share with y'all soon. I NEVER decorate for the holidays before Thanksgiving, just so you know. But the level of excitement just was too much for me not to bust out the Kitsch-mas! dress: Plato's Closet with leopard print added by me; belt and crinoline: Amazon; scarf: Charleston market
 Turns out someone else was equally excited about the vintage decor. Asha immediately made a bed for herself in front of the color wheel as soon as I set up the tree skirt. 
Fingers crossed she doesn't take out any of my Shiny Brites like she did last year. Behave, kitty! 
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Monday, November 9, 2015

DIY: The IKEA Fabric Portrait Dress

Greetings, all y'all! Me and my boots-made-fer-walkin' are happy to introduce you to my made-in-a-day-whilst-procrastinatin'-bunches-of-other-stuff IKEA Fabric Portrait Dress! Which, by the way, is the longest title for a dress everz. But, let's FACE it: this dress is a PEOPLE-pleaser (see what I did there? There's a lotta faces of people on the dress. I'm being puny. Or maybe that's the wine talking.) 

Hey, Nancy, what say you?
You know that girl. She's all about the boots made for walkin'. 

Whenever I'm stitching up mayhem, er, clothing I'm always styling the ensem in my head: how should I style my hairs (big -n- close to heaven)? what shoes would look best (silver go-go's, DUH)? should I wear this creepy-a## hat? 
Answer: Um, no. That hat and face is the stuff of nightmares. REMOVE. IMMEDIATELY-ISH. 
My apologies for that former photo resulting in nightmares. Let's go back to dress-talking, shall we? 
So a while back I found myself at IKEA and I saw this fabric and, foolishly, I did not purchase it. Because, as stated, I'm foolish. Here's a sampling of the heaven that I let pass me by:
I know. I'm an idiot. Now stop drooling cuz I ain't cleaning that mess up. Not long after, a sweet blog reader sent me some photos of her art room FEATURING THIS FABRIC and I lamented my foolish ways. Super kindly, she sent me her scraps in the mail which were just enough for me to whip up this lil number!
Using a dress pattern that I've busted out exactly One Thousand Times (evidence heres, heres and herezzz), I turned those small scarp-ies into something fabulous. IF I do say so. AND I do.
Check out the many faces of Cassie. I got so many dif personalities I'm kinda feelin' Sybil-ized in this dress (Again, do you even appreciate what I did there? I went all un-PC and took multiple-personalities Sybil, paired it with civil and came up with this hilarity. Do you even know how hard it is to be this un-funny?!)  
 Me thinks not. 

Hey, Nan, what you got to say 'bout all this? 
Uh-huh. I see. Well then. Shake what yer mama gave ya, sistah. 
Since all my wee art students are creating selfies right now, I can't wait to wear this to art teacherin' land. Boots and all. But sans hat, y'all. I just can't deal with the parent phone calls about the nightmare-enducing head-topper. Again. Toodles, y'all!
Oh, snap! Check out this hilarity that my famous art teacherin' friend Tricia Fuglestad just posted on my Twitter. LOVE it, thank you, Tricia! 
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #149

Masterpiece Monday: Okay, I am so in love with this new dress o' mine. It was made in the U.S. and designed by Lauren of Wearing History. The dress arrived quickly and so beautifully packaged! I love the print and the fit. Thank you, Lauren! It's my new fave! sweater, scarf and brooch: vintage; belt: Amazon; tights: dunno, Target maybe?; shoes: Clarks
Well, hello there. It's been a long time since I did one o' these lil What the Art Teacher Wore posts! Even so, can you believe that there have been nearly 150 of these posts?! Just outta curiosity, I did a lil search and found my What the Art Teacher Wore #1. It's funny to see just how much brighter and goofier my style has become...and how somethings just never change (like, geez, my hairstyle. Lil known fact: I have Hair-Style-Change-Phobia). 

In other news, I got myself a new crinoline (I always buy the cheapo ones off Amazon for, like, $14. They last about 3-6 months before they deflate and I get another. Anyone know where I can get a great crinoline that won't go flat?). New crinoline means BIG PUFFY SKIRTS! I busted out all my biggest and widest dresses and skirts this week just for the occasion. And, as per usual, I managed to knock several works of art off tables as I swooshed by. Sorry not sorry, kids!

I hope your week is fashionably fabulous, y'all! I have two dresses I've finished this weekend and I can wait to share 'em with y'all this week. Stay tuned!
Banana Legs Tuesday: My sweet kindergarten friends are always perplexed by my colorful tights. When asked why my legs were yellow I told them I had eaten to many bananas. Then I felt a tickle at my ankle and looked down to see a boy touching my tights. "Guys! She didn't eat to many bananas! Those are just long yellow socks!" sweater: vintage, Buffalo Exchange; pencil print dress: Love ur Look London; banana tights: Target
#OnWednesdaysWeWearArt: Are y'all on instagram? I'm here and you'll usually find me using the hashtag #whattheartteacherwore. I'd love to see what you are wearing too so snap a photo and use that tag, y'all. Art teacher and amazing painter Courtney has a hashtag #OnWednesdaysWeWearArt where folks be wearing clothes inspired by works of art. It's so fun! I decided to play along and wear my fave vintage Monet-inspired dress. sweater: vintage, Buffalo Exchange; dress: vintage, thrift store; shoes: old, Miss L Fire
 Novelty Skirt Thursday: I scored this skirt a coupla years ago and it's one of my faves. It has an image of an artist painting a lady's portrait while another looks on. Several of my students pointed it out and loved the theme. sweater and skirt: vintage; cat blouse: thrifted; bow belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
 Tired Feet Friday: I was doing okay until I decided to stay late and tackle one of a storage closet. I have all of these great children's books organized in my closet and I thought, "why are these not out for the kids to read?!" So then I started creating a wee library in my Jungle Lounge. Do y'all have a library in your art room? How do you keep the books organized? I am thinking of putting mine in bins and color coding them so they stay organized. Love to hear your ideas as organization is NOT my bag, baby. sweater: Forever21, old; dress: vintage, thrifted; necklace: gift
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

In the Art Room: I Ain't Gonna Paint No More Portraits

Hey, y'all! Just popping in to share with you some selfies that my firsties and second graders have been working on. All of my classes are in the middle of Self-Portrait Land with our collaborative project being our It's Okay to be Different mural (which I'm hoping to have up and share with y'all by next week). That project really introduced the kids to color mixing and basics of self portrait making with painting and collage. So they were ready to handle these colorful and crazy self portraits.  
In this project, we covered more color theory, color mixing, the proportions of the face and collage. It was a fun endeavor and one that I'm sure I'll be doing again in years to come. My art classes are 30 minutes in length with my younger students so each portion of the lesson I had to break down in small bites. 
The project began with a group of helpful fourth graders that come in each morning and help a poor hot mess of an art teacher out. They sorted through all of my washable markers and found the that were on their last marker-y leg, so to speak. I soaked 'em over night in a cup of water and the next day, placed the warm colors of "marker juice" on one set of tables and the cool on another. 
The kids could decide what color they'd like for their background and commence splatter painting. We had chatted briefly about Jackson Pollock and watched a short clip of him in action. The kids were super excited about this process and very curious about the making of marker juice. Y'all don't even know how many donated markers the kids have brought in for the cause.
We MIGHT have ended up with just a coupla rainbow freckles with all that splattering. 
The following art class, I read the book The Colors of Us. Because of our color mixing background, the kids were familiar with the basics of how to create secondary colors with primary. For creating the unique flesh tone of each child, the kids were given red, yellow, brown, white and black. We talked about the various flesh colors in the book and how the young girl in the book created each one. Then the kids put that knowledge to work and painted a piece of 9" X 12" sheet of paper that was their flesh color. 
The following art class, we used that flesh colored piece of paper to draw our self portraits. We talked about how the head is shaped like an upside down egg. The students traced a head-shaped template, drew a neck and did a little guided drawing with me. I had mirrors out so the kids could look at themselves as we drew. 
From there, we cut out our bald self portraits and glued them down to our splatter painted background. Using mirrors and our color-mixing knowledge, we painted our hair. I loved seeing all the different hair styles! 

We have been reading the book I Ain't Gonna Paint No More (which is so much fun to read, the kids adore this book!) and we talked about how sad we'd be if we didn't get to paint anymore! Each of the kids then chose a super messy and painty piece of paper to create their shirt. 
While they worked on that, I called them by table to come and see me to do one last crazy thing: mix paint on our hands!
 I had three trays of the primary colors set up. When the kids came up to me, they had to tell me what secondary color they wished to mix and, as a great post-assessment test, they had to figure out what primary colors to use! One hand went in one primary, the other hand in another, rub those hands together like you are putting on lotion and VIOLA! Secondary color hands! These were then promptly printed on paper. The best part was each kid gave me a great big ole painty high-five when they were finished and heading to the sink. 
Our final step was to cut out our hands (without cutting off digits), glue 'em down and sign our name. I can't wait to hang these happy faces in the halls at school. 

What are some of y'all's fave books to read when teaching self portraits in the art room? 
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