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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Artsy Sew Along 1: Pattern Cutting/Pocket Making

Super cute sewing fabric from

Hey, my stitches! I hope all y'all are doing swell and, if you are stateside, having a lovely holiday weekend! It's been a rainy one here so I doubt there will be much of a fireworks-y celebration in my neck o' the woods. To that I say, c'est la vie and pass me my cuttin' scissors. I've got a skirt to stitch!
The pattern we're using: Simplicity #2226.

If y'all have joined the Artsy Sew Along, hurray! I'd love to see the fabric you are stitching with. Please post away on that page or share on Instagram #artsysewalong. Since many of you have mentioned that you are new to garment sewing, I thought some videos might be of some help to y'all. Granted, these are my videos, so take my tips and tricks with a big ole grain of salt. In fact, invest in a salt lick, ermkay? 

 In this post, I'll chat with y'all about:
* How to prepare your fabric and your pattern pieces for cutting.
* Just how to go about cutting your fabric properly and making sure to get all of your markings correct.
* How to stitch those super cute pockets onto the skirt!
If all goes well, this post should help you get this far! You'll notice I opted for a contrasting fabric for the pockets...y'all know me, I'm totes tacky and love to play with patterns. By the way, I'll also be throwing in some of my fave sewing fabrics with links for some sewing-inspo in this here post! 
This clip is all about preparing your fabric and your pattern. It's super important to read through all the pre-stitching notes in your pattern as they are chuck full of sound advice. Don't just listen to this clip featuring my lovely voice. Which, by the way, sounds like angels singing. While chewing on broken glass.
Just incase you missed my clip about finding your correct size according to the pattern envelope, here you go!
I love the colors in these prints. Rulers and spools
If you're new to sewing then I know how overwhelming those pattern pieces can be. Lemme help ya navigate that territory, kay?
 I really enjoyed this beginning process of skirt making. I love when a project is simple and gives immediate results: yay, pockets! If you have any probs at all, please drop me a line in the comments, on the Artsy Sew Along page or on my Instagram (where I've been annoyingly popping up photos of the skirt progress).
Now, I will say, that I've been reading what some other sewists have said about this pattern and I'm a lil concerned. Many have mentioned that the waistband is too big. What I plan to do is create a muslin of the waistband (this is practice sewing, following the same pattern, but with inexpensive fabrics). This way I can do a little trouble shooting for y'all. I hope to be back with the second portion of stitching -- adding that waistband -- soon. 

Until then, be sure to share what you're up to and drop me a line about your progress, y'all! 
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #142

 I Often Take Ridiculous Pictures...and Especially Ridiculous Pictures Look Like This: It's like I'm all "heeeeyyy, tripod snapping my photo! I tooootally didn't just put you there and I toooootally didn't just know you were about to snap my pic!" Golly. Could I be any worst of a model/actress? You don't have to answer that. It was one of them rhetorical question thingies. dress and poodle brooch: vintage; necklace: J.Crew; owl sandals: ancient Anthro; Enid Collins bag: y'all I LOVE Enid Collins box purses. They's my fave. This one was scored off ebay.

So I did a lil scrolling thru my blog a moment ago (is that called ego-blogging? Blogger-bastion? Bl-arcissist? I'm guilty.) and realized I'd not posted a What the Art Teacher Wore in almost a month. And I know all y'all were like, Praise Hey-Zeus, she's finally called it quits on that mess but SURPRISE! I got dressed and was semi-presentable for 5 outta 7 days this week, which is really something during summer vacation, amirite, teachers? Therefore, you're a-gonna have to endure this here WTATW for yet another post. YOU'RE WELCOME. 

Not only did I get dressed, put on my face and comb my hairs, but I also settled back into some stitching. You know I've been on that declutterin' train for some weeks now and, I gotta tell ya, I was starting to lose steam. I think it's because I kept looking longingly at my now uber organized sewing room wishing I could create. So I allowed myself this week to finish a dress and this weekend to start a new one. Wanna see?
That fabric is from Joann's and I scooped it up thinking I'd make me a second Monet dress. I'm just a zipper, a hem and some pink bows away from completion. I'll be sure to share it with y'all here next week. It got me thinking that y'all might wanna get in on this sewing game too. Many of you participated in last year's Apron Sew Along and I thought it might be fun to get the band back together, so to speak. When I spotted this at Joann's I thought it might be just the thing for us to stitch.
 This skirt spoke to me for a coupla reasons:

1. IT HAS POCKETS. Pockets are the answer to all the world's problems, I tell ya. 

2. IT HAS A CUTIE-PAHTOOTIE BELT/SASH/THINGIE. I am a big supporter of a belt. They singe the waist, they make you look all put together, and, personal fave, they are the perfect way to bring the colors of an outfit together. Just scroll thru the rest of this post. I'm wearing a belt EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

3. IT CLAIMS TO BE FOR THE BEGINNER. Welp. I hope so. I'm a forever-beginner sewist. 

I like the variety of lengths, particularly the longer. With all the moving around I do in the art room, I prefer not to flash anyone. Scarring children for life it not my goal, ya know? 

So! Who's in?! For now, all you gotta do is leave a comment here or on my Facebook page. I'll be sharing the details next week. If you wanna get your kitten mittens on that pattern now, you can scoop it up at Joann's. I hope you'll join me! Til then, later cats!
 Yet Another Dork Pose Tuesday: Like, why, y'all? Who knows. Had a lovely night out with a birthday buddy despite the fact that it's currently an inferno here in Nashville. We decided to take our chances and eat outside at Epice. Where we melted. Good thing the food was delish! AND a popsicle from Las Paletas made us feel must less hawt. dress: vintage; cumberbund: gift from a friend; shoes: Clarks; purse: another Enid Collins
 Stripey Wednesday: Oh, how I loves this dress. But, y'all. I cannot breathe, eat, or sit down in the thing, that waist! Such a waste! I'm putting it in my etsy shop this week for someone else to enjoy. dress: vintage; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; shoes: Anthro
 Sewing Class Thursday: Did I tell y'all that me and a sweet buddy of mine are taking a sewing class at Craft South? If you aren't familiar, Craft South is this amazing crafting studio and sewing goods store that was recently opened by fabric designer Anna Maria Horner. The class has been so fun and it's taught by sewist and blogger Devon Iott of Miss Make. Devon's been an excellent teacher and I cannot wait to share with y'all what I've made. If you live in the area and have a chance, I recommend you take a class at Craft South! top: Old Navy; belt and skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; shoes: TJ Maxx
And here's that lil number that I started over a year ago (so I have this habit of cutting out the pattern pieces...and actually getting to the stitching part 12 months later. Sumpin wrong wit dat?) and finally wrapped up this week. I'm excited to sew with y'all on the skirt. Hope you'll join the funness! 

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #136

New Skirt Monday: Nuthin starts a week off better than some new duds, says moi. I got this lovely skirt as a birthday prezzie (thanks, Tamara!) and I was so stoked to wear it now that the weather is as sunny and colorful as it is. jean jacket: Buffalo Exchange; embroidered blouse and bracelets: yard sale; skirt: Flying Tomato; tights: Target; shoes: Anthro

Hello, party people! How are all y'all? After having so many short weeks due to snow, holidays and being in NOLA, this week was like a big fat dose of reality. On Tuesday I thought it was Thursday and by Wednesday, I swore it was Friday. Yeah, that's never a good sign. However, this week I'm totally ready. Our school is hosting chalk artist/street painter Lee Jones for a coupla days. I cannot wait to see what she and my super stoked second graders create. And on Tuesday evening I'll be chatting with Tim Bogatz and Andrew McCormick right here...
I'm so excited! Both of those dudes are incredible art teachers as well as AOE presenters and writers. I'm thrilled to have been asked to chat on AOE Live. It'll all go down on Tuesday, April 14th at 8pm Central and, added bonus, it's free. We'll be talking about finding your own art teacherin' style. For more info, just get yerself here.

So that's my upcoming's a lil taste of what went down in the art room this past week! 
I needed a quick one week self-portrait lesson for my super star first grade artists. They only needed a week before their clay projects would be back to them so this self-portrait proved to be a great project. I'll give ya the complete lesson here soon on the blog. I've purchased those fancy frame papers to insert these bad boys in. I cannot wait to see the result!
I wish you could see this sweet lil girl to know just how accurate that awesome portrait is!
Flowerin' Tuesday: So everyone around here is putting stuff in the ground. But, having lived here for some time, I know that the weather in Tennessee can be 80 one day in the spring and than BAM! we get a hard freeze. And, being the total lazy slob that I am, I always forget to cover my plants and therefore kill 'em all. So I'll be wearing my flowers for a while...and planting them in about a week or two. How 'bout you? Stick anything in the ground lately? sweater and dress: Anthropologie, purchased at Buffalo Exchange; dotted booties: made by me, DIY here
Third grade land is in the midst of creating these chalked landscapes. What you see here is the final-ish stage as most kids are planning to add their desert animals. I love 'em with or without! We chatted about the artist Sushe Felix (you can see my prezies here and here). I'll give you the full details on how we created these lovelies soon.
Painterly Wednesday: So I found this dress in a resale shop in NOLA and I was all, OMG, that thar is an art teacherin dress if I ever saw one! I wore it complete with my paint brush crown, another NOLA score. I tell ya, the shopping there, to die for! dress: Buffalo Exchange; Necklace: The Paper Source
My fourth grade has been on a color-mixing adventure. I loved all of those One Hundred Days of School/Mix One Hundred Colors images I kept seeing pop up on pinterest. I thought my kids could really use that concept in their landscape paintings. So the rule was: you gotta mix all of your own colors. They absolutely loved it! We chatted about he artist Xavier Castellanos (prezi here) and worked on these for a couple of art classes. Again, lesson to come, kids! 
 Color Wheel Thursday: Mixing color means knowing your color wheel! Those fourth graders became champs at reading that wheel. Although it still would crack me up (and some of the other kids) when one kid would say, "I don't have any orange!" to which we'd all reply, "That's because you have to MAKE it!" sweater and tights: Target; dress: Modcloth; palette belt (I know, right?!): vintage, etsy; shoes: Fluevog
Oh, lookie! We're getting closer and closer still to completing our Johnson Elementary Has Heart mural! I couldn't be more excited. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted. 
Soupy Sneakers Friday: My super sweet aunt and uncle sent me these new kicks in the mail. I couldn't wait to wear 'em to school and chat with the kids about them. But guess what proved to be the focal point of my ensemble? That's right, THE PANTS. They just couldn't see past the thought of me in pants to focus on my shoes. Le sigh. sweater and jeans: old, Target: dotted blouse: thrifted; shoes: Converse
Is it just me or are these first grade fish not the biggest crack up? We used the same technique you might have seen in my kindergarten clay post. I cannot wait to share this simple clay lesson with y'all! Until then.
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Saturday, March 21, 2015

See you in New Orleans!

Hey, y'all! Please pardon my absence on this here blog...I've been crazy busy spring breakin' and preparing for the art teacherin' conference in New Orleans! Which one of y'all are going? I do hope to see y'all there. There will be plenty of chances for us to get together and chat as I foolishly decided to present a buncha times. In case you are interested, I thought I'd throw my prezi dates and times out there for y'all: 

Thursday, March 26th: 

2:00 - 2:50 PM
Write? Right! Publishing to Advocate Your Art Program
Pam Stephens, Nancy Walkup, Cassie Stephens, Nicole Briscoe
Join four published authors to explore publishing your art-teaching ideas and then turn those ideas into advocacy for your program. Includes practical suggestions, tips, and writing guidelines. Interactive Discussion
Hilton Hotel/Chart B/Riverside Building

4:00 – 4:25
10 Exciting Ways to Teach Art Vocabulary They Won’t Forget
Cassie Stephens
Learn new methods of enriching student vocabulary in fun and innovative ways. Songs, word games, call and response methods, and sign language are just a few of the exciting methods introduced. Best Practice Lecture
Convention Center/Meeting Room R05/Second Level
Friday, March 27th:

11:00 - 11:50 AM
Elementary Carousel of Learning: Teacher Art Blogs
Nancy Walkup
Four accomplished elementary art educators from across the country will share their successful art blogs for their art rooms. Phyllis Brown of There's a Dragon in my Art Room, Laura Lohmann of Painted Paper, Sheryl Depp of Primary Art with Mrs. Depp and Cassie Stephens of that blog with her name because she wasn't creative enough to come up with anything else.  
Convention Center/Meeting Room 216/Second Level

1:00 to Wheneverness
Meet Art Ed Bloggers in the AOE Booth!
Meet up and chat with some of your fave art ed bloggers in the AOE booth in the vendor's hall! I know I absolutely loved meeting my blogging heroes and well as chatting with the 5 folks that read this here blog! Drop by and let's chat, y'all!
Saturday, March 28th 

7:00 - 8:50 PM
Design Your Own Curriculum-Aligned Clothing Line
Cassie Stephens
Instead of simply talking to your students about famous artists or their works of art, why not become the three-dimensional element that brings the experience to life? In this workshop, you will learn the art of needle felting and apply that skill to the creation of an apron. This apron will be designed with your own curriculum in mind and will be ready to wear in your art room. Armed with this new method of altering clothing, as well as other techniques introduced, you will be able to design your own curriculum-aligned clothing line. Hands-On Workshop Studio (2 hours) Ticket Required. (Sorry, y'all. This one is SOLD OUT.)
Hilton Hotel/Rosedown/3rd Floor

And there you have it, kids! If you aren't able to attend this year's NAEA conference, don't you fret. I'll be sure to post both what I shared and all that I learned right here. If you want minute by minute action, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Looking forward to chatting with y'all both in for realz life and via the interwebs. 
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