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Sunday, September 25, 2016

In the Art Room: Kelsey Montague-Inspired Mural

Ohhhh, y'all. I'm so excited about this collaborative mural that started out as a sub plan. Allow me to share with you our What Lifts You mural! That sweet face above is my assistant principal's son, Carson. 
And here's his sweet mama! Her pose makes me so happy and excited about this project. Lemme tell you all about our inspiration. 
Street art is becoming very popular in the art world. What I love about it is that it is accessible to everyone. Kelsey Montague has taken her street art to the next level by making it interactive. She's also inspired folks to think about #whatliftsyou. I love everything about Kelsey's murals: the beauty, the message and the interaction. 
She recently created a street mural in Nashville! The most amazing thing is that her murals are created in paint pens. That's right. Tons of paint pens, y'all. Time to invest in some stock. 
I wanted each of my students to contribute to the mural. Knowing that I was going to be out for a couple of days, I created a simple sub video that introduced my kids to Kelsey, got them reviewing and applying the elements of art and kept them creating. I was THRILLED to come back to school to these beauties!

Because of my 30 minute class time for my younger students, many did not finish in one class. So our first order of business when I returned was for the feathers to get finished and cut out. My early finishers then began working on the patterned papers that would also contribute to the wings. 
I love having the kids create giant sheets of patterned papers. I just throw a huge piece of bulletin board paper onto the table. Sometimes, I'll ask the kids to tell me a pattern or shape they'd like to repeat...and then tell them to go for it. Other times, I'll have a pattern started for them. You can see examples of murals with patterned papers here in our Dot Day project, in this winter collaborative, in this Village of Kindness project and in this Rousseau-inspired tiger mural
The left over papers are going to come in handy this week as we also complete our You Be You mural.
I really wanted the mural up by Monday because we are starting our Growth Mindsets in the art room then. More on that soon (including a book club, stay tuned!). That being said, I did have to hustle to get it complete. I stayed after school on Thursday taping four 12' sheets of bulletin board paper together for the black background. Then, in chalk, I lightly drew the general shape of the tip of the wing. 
Then I just started playing. I knew that I wanted their wings to be broken up a bit by the patterned papers but I wasn't sure how. Once I got a general idea, I started to hot glue things in place. 
I arrived at school at 6am on Friday morning because I was so excited to get it complete and up on the wall! I tacked down just the top of the papers so that I could lift the paper and slide the feathers underneath. I have about 400 students. Not all feathers are complete and up...but most are. I left room on the left side of the wing to add the final feathers. Once everything was glued, I outlined the top of the wing in white paint. I also added white outlines to the patterned papers. 
Back to that book I mentioned. The premise of the book is getting the kids to think beyond their "fixed" mindset that they can't do something...and change that thought into believing that they can.  Such a powerful message, don't you think? To kick things off, during art class, each of my students (as well as faculty and staff, I hope!) will get their photo taken in front of the mural. They will also write about what lifts them as that's the big idea behind Kelsey's murals. Keeping that positivity in mind, we will focus on our growth mindset. I will be sharing more on that lesson VERY soon! 
 But for now, let's get closer to these wings. 
 I only glued the "quill" of the feather down so that the feathers would have a ruffly texture to them. 
When I snap the photos next week, my husband suggested taping an X on the floor so the kids would know where to stand. Such a smart dude. 
 I'm super stoked! This was finally hung in the afternoon on Friday when my specials team buddies were free to help me hold it up and glue it to the wall. 
 To give you an idea on size. The photos I take of the kids will be hung along the wall beside the wings. 
 As soon as the wings were up, folks were ready to have their photos taken! Here is my friend Kiera who you might know as Cleopatra
My principal's sweet son, Ashton! 
 One of our P.E. teachers who you might know as King Tut (as well as Frida and Grant Wood, ha!). 
 My awesome principal and her sweet kiddos. I am super lucky to have the most supportive admins in the land. 
 Dawww, that face!
Our super enrichment teacher who is always kind enough to let me use this wall outside of her room...thank you, Ashley!
Y'all know I had to join in on the fun. BIG shout out to Kelsey Montague for the inspiration and my special area friends for helping me hang this beast. All y'all are what lifts me!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In the Art Room: Sub Plans that aren't subpar

Despite the fact that it was nearly 20 years ago, my first year of art teacherin' is burned into my brain. I can see the inside of the trailer that was my first art room when I close my eyes (they referred to it as a "portable" but, y'all. I lived in a trailer. I know what the look like, okay?). Back in those days, when you needed a sub, you just scrawled some chicken scratch lesson plans onto a sheet of paper (uh...still do that, not even gonna lie), called somebody mid-run to the toilet and accessed the damage the following day. Oh, would you look at that, all my markers have been de-capped and left to dry out on the floor. Another day in post-subday paradise.

Thankfully, times have changed (uh, except for those chicken scratch notes). These days, I leave pre-recorded notes for my sub. The idea behind this is two-fold: MRS. STEPHENS IS WATCHING...ALWAYS WATCHING. And the kids keep on creating! Imagine that, no more "read a book, draw a picture" but fur realz, bonafide lesson plans. That educate! And allow the kids to create! All while you are either praying to the porcelain princess or on that dream cruise, I'm not gonna judge. 

So, in this here post, I thought I'd share with y'all my favorite pre-recorded sub plans that have worked swimmingly in my art room. Feel free to use, y'all! And enjoy that "sick" day...wink-wink, nudge-nudge.
Are y'all familiar with Kelsey Montague? In an effort to introduce my students to contemporary artists as well as the street art movement, I wanted them to "meet" Kelsey. Her murals tie in so nicely with our kindness theme this year as they are titled "What Lifts You". I have this dream of my students creating several street murals throughout our school and this one they will start without me. I'll be sure to share the end result soon...but in the meantime, it makes for a super simple and fun sub plan!
This fun lesson was a quickie as I was only out for a pinch. But it kept the kids creating, using those elements of art and making adorable Love Monsters!
Just because you aren't there doesn't mean the masterpiece making can't go on! Last winter I had to miss several days of school due to jury duty. Thankfully, the show went on and the kids created the pieces to this beauty
By the way, you might be wondering just exactly how I get these videos to my sub. I've gone about it a couple of ways. I've used ClipGrab to save videos from my YouTube to my computer and left my computer for the sub. I've also sent my videos to myself via GoogleDrive or Dropbox. This works if you know you are going to be absent. However, if it is unexpected then having videos saved onto your computer, with supplies prepared, is your best bet.
Jury duty is no foolin, y'all. And just like most grown up stuff, it can take lot of time away from what you enjoy. Creating these sub plans for the kids made the whole experience less painful.
Everybody is a Star was such a fun sub plan! Going to the NAEA convention was a thrill for me...and knowing that the kids were still creating marvelous masterpieces for our art show really gave me peace of mind. 
I even think this lesson that I kicked off the school year with would make a fabulous sub lesson! You can find the blog post here and the finished mural here

So! Take that day of rest and be rest assured that your kiddos are still creating. Feel free to use these videos and lessons in your art room. Would love to hear your fabulous sub plans, friends! Tell me all about 'em in the comments.
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